Blog #3 My Trip to Los Angeles March 2023

I’m in Los Angeles, at the conclusion of a week long vacation. I haven’t written in quite some time, mostly because I have been working, and don’t want my customer facing material to look as though I have stopped. On the contrary, I’ve had too much work. I started this for the purpose of gaining new business, but all of my work has prevented me from posting, and I don’t want my business to look dormant, as it might affect future business later.
I think one of the flaws of the new digital age is the need to feel the compulsion to consistently post, whatever the content of the post might be, such as a sign of life like this one, or the need for validation, attention, or even as a method to solicit social interaction.
I had planned a highlight reel for all the events DJ’ed in 2022,¬†partially to show off, as I’m quite proud of all my gigs, shows, weddings, and just work in general, and of what I was able to accomplish in my first year. I never got around to creating my reel because I was too busy. 28 DJ gigs in December, practically every day of the month, and in the middle of two real estate deals, by the time I could have been ready New Year posts were already dated, I was on to the next thing.
I watched a video of a certain billionaire where the interviewer asks him why doesn’t he retire to margarita island? He responded that life would bore him, he needs to have something to do, and I share this sentiment. I find a lot of meaning and enjoyment in what I do. So it was a struggle to actually take this vacation when you’re mantra is “LET’S GOOO!” in regards to work. I was reluctant to pack, reluctant to leave, as the interruption of the day-to-day routine would be disrupted. Now that I’m here though, it’s almost as if I never left, in that I feel as though I’m the same person, but the place has changed in my absence.
I’m in Los Angeles to visit friends & family. I lived here for eight years. For the last three years, I’ve been back in Michigan. I’ve noticed the following things. When I come back here, I feel that all the time I spent in Michigan feels like a dream. And when I’m back in Michigan, thinking about the time spent in California feels like a dream. Both places feel like home. I never felt that way about New York or Germany even though I lived in both for two years respectively.
I played my first gig here in Los Angeles on Thursday. I think I’ll be coming out here more often. I have a crazy theory that music sounds better here, but I don’t know why. Altitude, the coffee increasing the potency of dopamine receptors; I have no clue, but I whip out Shazam whenever I go into a coffee shop, store, or restaurant.
On the DJ front I have some exciting announcements I’m working on, namely:
  • Starting in May, and until the end of the summer, I will be DJ’ing every Sunday night at NOMAD. The plan is to make this the go-to-spot in the area for Sunday nights.
  • I ordered a new beautiful DJ table from Germany. Pictures to follow once it arrives.
  • I am converting my living room into a studio to perform live DJ sets with me, dancers & friends, on days in which I do not have gigs, and want to play music which I can’t normally play during a club set. This will include a complete renovation of my living room starting with the floor when I get back.
  • I am composing and producing new original electronic music, as well as remixes. The latter will soon be five Motown classics with the incorporation of house elements.
  • I will be performing at BlissFest this year with my dear friend DJ Clark After Dark.
  • I booked a destination wedding at the Shinola Hotel in Detroit.
  • I have more new & exciting gigs coming up.
The weird thing about visiting a place you used to live is that it doesn’t feel as much of a vacation as it does an update to a file and viewing the changes, but without the work it takes to find new things, as I already know what to do. I know where everything is, or in some sad cases, where they used to be, and don’t have the uncertainty or lack of awareness that would come from a visiting a new place.
I was tempted to bring my old Werner Kern ballroom shoes to the shoe repair guy I know where Grand meets Wilshire, but they looked so miserable, the leather; completely frayed and damaged, it would have been their 5th resoling. At least the state of their disrepair is proof of all the fun I’ve had in them. I guess it would be sadder if they were as immaculate as the day they were purchased, like an unplayed guitar. So, I just bought new dance shoes.
RIP Ballroom Shoes: 2016-2023.
I think it’s fair to say that March and April are the worst times in Northern Michigan, as it is the period in which the ski people depart and the summer people have yet to return. Still, the quiet allows for productivity, and the escape was good for my mood. I want to figure out a way where I stay here in LA from January to May, and be bi-coastal (if you consider Lake Michigan a coast).