Who are you?
We’re a group of DJ’s in northern Michigan who turn wedding receptions into legendary parties.
What are your rates?
It depends on where the party is, and who is DJ’ing it. Each individual DJ sets his own rates. Inquire to find out.
So, I want to hire you for a wedding, what do I get?
You get an all day rate of equipment set up and tear down, performance time, preparation time, and one on one consultation and client direction with a DJ who will make your wedding night one hell of a party.
Do you have any ad-ons?
Yes, we have a photo booth starting at $500. 
How far do you travel?
In state, we’ll add a travel fee. Out of state, we’ll require travel expenses, lodging, and equipment rental to be added to the budget. Put us on a plane!
Do you MC?
We’ll gladly make announcements and facilitate on the mic. We hereby promise not to make cheesy jokes and talk too much.
Do you do foreign language weddings?
Yes! Although we don’t MC in other languages. (Parker speaks German, if you’re looking to have a German wedding in Michigan) Parker has performed Spanish, Albanian, and Korean wedding sets. 
I don’t want a wedding, I want to hire you for a PARTY! 
We love to party. Inquire away.

Do you partner with any other vendors?
If you book ®Parker’s Pastry shop as a desert vendor, we’ll do a special discount on both services. Otherwise, we are happy to recommend vendors who we’ve worked with in the past. :) 
What else you got?
Parker is a VJ, so if you want music videos playing at your event he can add that, along with TV totem rental. We also can facilitate a silent disco.