Eli is a jack of all trades, both highly capable and accomplished in sales and hospitality. You can find Eli at High Five this summer, as well as weddings, clubs, and special events. ODZ: Your Guide to a Sonic Odyssey

Music transcends words. It’s a universal language that connects us all.

That’s the philosophy that drives ODZ (pronounced “Odyssey”), a DJ passionate about crafting unforgettable experiences through the power of sound.
More than just playing tracks, ODZ curates sonic journeys. He scours the globe, both physically and digitally, to unearth hidden gems and emerging trends. This dedication means you’ll be exposed to music beyond the mainstream, encountering new cultures and rhythms along the way.
Imagine a DJ who’s not just the life of the party, but your guide to a world of auditory exploration. ODZ thrives on uniting people from all walks of life through the common ground of music.
Trust him to create an atmosphere of pure joy, a sonic sanctuary where you can lose yourself in the moment. Like a master filmmaker, ODZ paints a soundscape that takes you on a personalized journey, fulfilling your desire for an unforgettable night.
Prepare to be transported. This is your ODZ.

Q: What is a “Sonic Journey”?
A: “Sonic Journey” is a metaphorical term used to describe a DJ set that takes the listener on an experience through sound. It goes beyond simply playing music; it involves creating a curated selection of tracks that flow together seamlessly, building a specific mood or atmosphere.
Here’s a breakdown of the term:
•Sonic: Relating to sound or the sense of hearing.
•Journey: A trip or passage from one place to another.
So, a sonic journey uses music to transport the listener on an aural adventure. The DJ acts as the guide, using different genres, tempos, and transitions to create a narrative or evoke emotions.
Here are some aspects that contribute to a sonic journey:
•Genre Blending: Mixing different musical styles to create a unique soundscape.
•Storytelling Through Music: Using a sequence of tracks that build a story or emotional arc.
•Seamless Transitions: Transitioning smoothly between songs to maintain the flow of the journey.
•Dynamic Range: Using highs and lows in energy levels to create moments of excitement and relaxation.
•Themed Sets: Curating music around a specific theme or concept.
A well-constructed sonic journey can be a truly immersive experience, leaving the listener feeling like they’ve been transported to another place or time.